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Stored Food List

We are a family of three unique individuals. Doug will eat almost anything but needs protein and variety. I'm a picky eater, not liking cooked veggies at all, and I love variety, and crave mayo to make most things palatable. Weslee is a pickier eater than I, but loves fresh fruits and raw veggies, and doesn't need as much variety as we do.

I've written up a list of what we, as a 3-person family, need to store to make nutritious and tasty meals. Using the current food pyramid (see the graphic), I created the chart found at

This list is not only to do my monthly shopping, but also to plan meals, and experiment with recipes.

Who could use this list and this blog?
  • people concerned about the economy and stretching their food budget
  • people who store food in case of emergency, layoffs, blizzards (us!), bird flu, etc.
  • people who plant gardens and need help deciding what seeds to buy
  • people who need a few fresh ideas about menu planning for their family
Starting January 1 2009 and continuing throughout the year, I'll blog here a complete day's menu using my chart. I'll include recipes as needed. Any suggestions you have for meals would be greatly appreciated.