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Icing Buckets: An Encounter

I dashed over to the grocery this morning to pick up a newspaper and donuts for Weslee's continuing b-day celebration, and happened to ask the bakery if they had any more empty icing buckets. They did, and I piled them into my cart.

As I waited in the checkout line, the man in front of me (with two boxes of canning jars in his cart, and pickling salt) stared at the buckets. He strolled over.

"Where did you get those?"

"The bakery."

"Food grade?"

I studied him for a split-second and knew he was a like-minded fellow. I flashed a knowing grin. "Ab-so-lute-ly."

"What do you use them for?"

"Food storage. We, uh, have a mouse problem."

We exchanged a nod, and went on our separate ways. Interesting encounter.