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Home Grown Fruits and Veggies

The above is a picture taken on Oct 9 2008 - the inside of our fridge after a very busy day. We heard that our first frost was on its way, so we quickly harvested the rest of our radishes (in the small tub towards the top), and our melons. We had a sugar baby watermelon, a few crenshaw muskmelons (cantaloupes), and a few golden watermelons. The 3 tam-dew honeydews are in a drawer, so not pictured.

Above is a picture taken on Oct 19 2008 - just a quick harvest before a freeze. Notice the yellow pear tomatoes, orange slicer, and small eggplant. PLUS - our pride and joy, besides the several small orange carrots, we managed to grow 2 atomic red carrots (top of plate) and some cremey-white carrots (just under the red carrots). We also pulled up 2 sweet potatoes, the results of an experiment with sweet potato vines. Laying across the yellow tomatoes are two small red-bunching onions - very potent!

Above: here's a potted tomato plant that's been relocated from outside to our family room. Just one of about 7, in addition to the banana tree, a wonderberry bush, and two blueberry bushes. We have a very powerful grow light above, and a kiddie pool below to catch over-watering by a hyper almost-12-year-old.

Above is the big collander of green tomatoes we picked last week, after the first frost. They survived (barely) under two blankets and a big piece of plastic. It was too much work to try to save the plants. So we've picked these, and I'm dehydrating them. We're assuming that the green (unripe) tomatoes are just as nutritious (or close enough) as the ripe tomatoes.

Green tomato powder will be added to the all-vegg powder, and also kept separately to add depth to soups and stews. It's not very tasty by itself, and I haven't yet experimented with making green tomato preserves.